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Willy Olguin and his Guests discuss petty beefs

March 15, 2017

#82 Anthonys Purge w/ Mike Suarez and Anthony Chavarria

We are back with reoccurring guest Mike Suarez and co-host Anthony Chavarria and as usual we have a ton of fun! In this episode we start out talking about fighting and Anthonys school yard brawl. And then I talk about the time I almost got beat up by 5 enormous cholos. Talking about the cholos then leads into talking about the wound vac I used to have and what went into changing it. It gets pretty weird. Then we spend some time talking about that one time I had a flesh eating bacteria. After that Anthony tells us one of the grossest stories ever. You have to listen to find out what its about but its not only gross its also weird. We rounded out the pod cast watching Mike watch a video about some weird guy tap dancing. It was a ton of fun so don’t miss it!!!! Don’t forget to subscribe to the pod cast and like Tilted Halo Comedy on face book!!!


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